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Keep Your Rehabilitation Team Organized

A Simple, Affordable EMR Solution

For years, health care practices and hospitals of all types have used similar EMR systems. While these systems have helped improve patient experience for many health care facilities, we found that the needs of therapists in particular were not being met.

Physical, occupational, and speech therapy practices or departments don’t need a one-size-fits-all system. They need a therapy EMR system designed specifically for their needs. One aspect AgileEMR seeks to improve is task management, and specifically, work queue management.

Manage Tasks Effectively

Manage workflow for clinicians and your administrative tasks with our work queue feature. Our feature delivers a comprehensive view of tasks assigned and actions expected across the team. Our work queues keep your work not only organized but promotes efficiency between both clinicians and administrative staff.
Therapist Work Queue provides the following tasks: 
  • Case Inactivity
  • Daily Note
  • Expiring or Expired Plan of Care
  • Discharge Summary
  • Progress Note
  • Cases on Hold
Admin Work Queue provides the following tasks: 
  • Authorization Required/Expiring/Expired
  • Medical Review Due soon/Due
  • Case Inactivity
  • Fax Related Documents
  • Cases on Hold
  • Daily Note Review

Don’t settle for an EMR that isn’t suited to your clinic or your practice. Schedule a demo with AgileEMR to see how an affordable, simple solution can improve the entire clinic experience.

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