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Why physical therapy software matters to us

AgileEMR is a proven practice management software solution designed for therapists by therapists. We officially launched our software in 2013 to address the pain points that physical therapists and clinicians often run into with generic clinical EMR systems: None of them were designed specifically with physical therapy in mind.

Our goal from the beginning was to make every aspect of AgileEMR centered around physical therapy. We worked closely with physical therapists when developing our physical therapy software to ensure that it meets the demands of this unique field of health care.

An efficient physical therapy EMR years in the making

AgileEMR has been evolving for several years based on feedback from the best clinicians and practices in the country. They spoke and we listened to create the most user-friendly, customizable rehabilitation patient management software in the industry.

From the demo to implementation to ongoing to daily use, our staff is dedicated to learning about your practice through an interactive approach and setting up the software to best fit your company. AgileEMR training resources are included directly within the software and our friendly staff will be with you providing support every step of the way.

Since AgileEMR launched, it has been used in more than 1 million patient cases by both large and small providers in the outpatient therapy and hospital rehabilitation sectors. 


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